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Two Philly news personalities, at the same station, announced this week that they are having babies. WCAU‘s Rosemary Connors and Brittney Shipp both revealed they’re pregnant.

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9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers

Weekly/monthly coupons; For instance, Kohl’s 30 percent off your order is a mouth-watering offer you can’t turn down due to its nature and the bargains consumers stand to gain.

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Free Coupon Making Tools – Adweek

Gift coupons for any occasion: “If you’re pressed for time or don’t have lots of money and need a show-stopping gift, you can print off a gift coupon or IOU card, customize it and present it

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Dealing With Coupons – Adweek

The difference is that while consumers may be saving 25 cents off a bag of flour, they might also be using $30-off coupons for a diabetic testing kit.

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M.Gemi Founder Cheryl Kaplan on Choosing the Right

With it, people can send coupons for $50 off to friends who are first-time customers. If they purchase a pair of shoes with that code, referrers will get a $50 credit toward their next purchase.

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Grocery Stores Emphasize Recipes, Coupons on Facebook

Promotions for free hamburgers or bagels have been successful because people could simply print the coupons directly off the companies’ Facebook Pages. Other features like locator maps could

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Discount coupon company Super Coups in Avon, Mass., has embraced the Web in a big way. No longer content with simply mailing retailers’ coupons to prospective consumers, the firm is now offering

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coupons – Adweek

Walgreens has partnered with Starbucks in a Black Friday mobile couponing initiative—which includes a touch of gamification—showing off some of the back-end work the pharmacy and grocery giant has

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NestEggz Coupons For – Adweek

NestEggz, an online coupon service, is taking a crack at offering virtual coupons to consumers on portal sites like, and 11 major consumer packaged goods brands have signed on as

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Wendy’s Coupon Promo: A Treat for Orphans – Adweek

Conscientious parents are encouraged to buy a booklet of coupons, redeemable for a free Wendy’s Frosty Jr., in lieu of candy. Pepsi Kicks Off 2020 With a New U.S. Tagline by Ian Zelaya. Voice.

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Google and Target Issue the First Voice-Activated Coupon

Calling coupons a natural next step in voice, Duane Forrester, vice president of industry insights at Yext, said, “What we will see is an outgrowth and learning experience applied to [the] next

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