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Actived: Wednesday Dec 11, 2019


Discount Surgical Stockings Inc. | Better Business Bureau

I noted that I tried to use the coupon code on my order and I was expecting the discount advertised. I just tried to resolve the issue with them and they are saying the coupon code gives **% off

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Dodge Off Road, LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Dodge Off Road, LLC Response. 08/01/2019. I can barely understand what he said, but here are some facts. He ordered a custom length steering kit on 7/8/19, we made it and shipped it UPS ***** on 7

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Southern Blooms Co, LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Don't keep having 40%-60% off huge sales every week if you can't even fulfill your customers orders from 28 weeks ago. And I am not the only one there are numerous customers. I have been

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The Lighting Spot | Better Business Bureau® Profile

After receiving them they called and said they would not resolve the problem and would deduct the shipping cost off of the refund. So I paid about $30 for NOTHING. I recommend not using a company

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Quality Furniture Discounts | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Meaning if I drop it off, and they claim they fixed it, and it broke again, I would have to go to the whole process again, again, and again. I then wished him a good day, and hung up the phone.

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NY Premier Limousine | Better Business Bureau® Profile

When I told him he was ripping me off he contacted the uber driver and told him to drop me off in the middle of the street unless I paid him double. In order for me to be able to stay in the car I

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Adsit Company, Inc. | Better Business Bureau® Profile

I got an ad, so I bought a dash cover. When I went to check out I specifically entered my zip and it showed 0 dollars shipping so I bought the item based on 0 shipping.

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Quality Screen Company, LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile

She is new and did not address the issue properly, and should have been handed off to our Customer Service Manager. When customers have issues with orders, our protocol is to ask them to send

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GolfEtail, Inc. | Better Business Bureau® Profile

I added the coupon code and the price was adjusted to $349.99. I should have completed the order at that time but I didn't. In this case our sale was $100 off, which is in fact what you

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Tandoi Asphalt & Sealcoating, LLC | Better Business Bureau

After the install we remained off the driveway as instructed. At the first rain we had water pooling in a spot and backflowing into the garage, under the walls and at the garage door. I called to

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