Restaurant Reporting: How To Use Product Mix (PMIX) Analysis

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Restaurant Employee Theft - Voids & Comps

Comps are items taken off the bill on products that have been delivered. For example, the wrong drink was made and delivered to the guest. Or, you gave away a drink to a guest for any number of reasons such as they’re a regular in your restaurant or you’re making up for a problem that occurred.

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Why Exception Based Reporting is Vital for Restaurant

Why Exception Based Reporting is Vital for Restaurant Operators. Posted by Kira. Front door and back door loss and abuse of discounts and coupons are a continuing concern for those in the restaurant industry. that compares incoming stream of information from a system to an established set of data and pinpoints items that set off red

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Restaurant Analysis Methods: Product Mix VS. Market Basket

For instance, assume we knew that all the rib eye steaks were ordered with coupons, thereby lowering the profit margin. Further, let's assume we know that the tenderloins were all sold without coupons, therefore having higher profit margins. Then we might draw a different conclusion on whether we should remove the tenderloin steaks off the menu.

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Marketing Practices for the Restaurant CMO

Marketing Practices for the Restaurant CMO. Posted by Kira. Tweet; Perhaps you offer coupons or special promotions to a select group or target audience. Maybe you create a social media campaign or an email blast with offers. To save precious time, not to mention assure that your strategies are paying off, you need to be able to

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Restaurant Data and Reporting Blog

Informative business articles for multi-unit restaurants. More than two ways to skin a cat In a previous post, I touched on the impact human behavior has on the deployment of a restaurant back office system.

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The Art of Loss Prevention - Q&A with Mirus CEO, Dave Bennett

The Art of Loss Prevention - Q&A with Mirus CEO, Dave Bennett. Any POS function that allows you to take money off the check will not show up as a variance between actual and theoretical. Examples of these functions are Discounts, Deletes, Coupons, Voids, Over-rings, and Clears."

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