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Necco Candy at, Online and Novelty Candy Wonderland! Find the candy you love in our extensive selection.

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Exclusive coupons. The ONLY website with up-to-date coupon codes and promos for Use this coupon when you checkout for $7 Off all orders over $125.00. Does not apply to orders using other promotions or coupons. $10 Off Orders Over $200. CandyStoreOver200.

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Buy top Candy Brands at Hershey, M&Ms, Skittles, Jelly Belly are just a few of the world famous candy by brands at cheap wholesale.

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About - Meet the Team

Tom Co-Owner Dark Chocoholic. Childhood Dream: To Fly Like Superman. Tom keeps an eye out for new ways to spread the joy of bulk candy online. Meanwhile, he takes down a whole bar of 86% Cacao Ghirardelli Chocolate a day.

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FAQs & Return Policy -

FAQ's and Returns Policies . we hand it off to our shipping partner FedEx. We are in Los Angeles, so the closer you are to us, the sooner your candy will get to you. For example, FedEx Ground orders shipping to San Diego, normally arrive the day after we ship them. I noticed that you have a coupon code area on your order form. How do I

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Customer Reviews & Tesimonials |

Customer Reviews . I ordered 3 types of taffy and 5lbs of gummy sharks. I chose because I found a coupon code for free shipping on This code saved me almost $30! I ordered on Monday and my candy was shipped Thursday. Delivery caught me off guard because it came so fast, but no extra charge. I recommend

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Red Vines & American Licorice |

The American Licorice Company recently celebrated its 100th birthday, a century in which it produced tons upon tons of licorice in addition to iconic moments. Did you know that the shoe that Charlie Chaplain famously ate in his film The Gold Rush was in fact made of black licorice? American Licorice Company made that for him.

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Albert's Candy |

It took a while, but eventually R.L. Albert got out of the gourmet food import business altogether and focused solely on candy. This came after some trying times for the company. They imported confections from Europe, and so were cut off during the World War II years.

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Reese's Pieces Candy - 25lb

Reese's Pieces candy has changed very little since then. Each bite still offers the same irresistible flavor and crunch that kids were loving over 30 years ago. Now you can enjoy this brand name favorite at parties, picnics, events or at home. Our bulk candy package contains more than enough Reese's Pieces candy to please a crowd!

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CandyTech Candy -

CandyTech Candy at, Online Bulk and Novelty Candy Wonderland! Find the bulk candy you love in our extensive selection. A household staple since 1963, CandyTech combines the old with the new to create a unique candy company.

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M&M's Candy | Bulk M&M's & Fun-Size from

I have been ordering from you for a good while, my husband says the quality and freshness of the candy is the best. I figure, he thinks I am the best, so must be really good! My husband is a candy freak, he loves the green leaves.

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