Gmail™ 和 Google Apps™ 附件圖示擴充 - Chrome 扩充程式 -

Gmail 收到含附件的郵件,會在日期的旁邊顯示一個默认的 回型針圖示。 Gmail™ 和 Google Apps™ 附件圖示擴充 是一個基於Google Chrome 的瀏覽器擴充程式,安装之后,它会根据 Gmail 或 Google Apps 邮件中的不同附件类型,顯示不同的圖示。 例如:收到WORD 附件,則顯示一個 WORD 圖示;收到PDF 附件,則顯示

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Google Chrome Fans: talks about Google Chrome News

Google Chrome Fans talks about Google Chrome, it's here to share the latest news and tutorial about Google Chrome, help solve the problems of Chrome users, provide the Chrome Add-ons, extensions, themes and source code download.

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Google Chrome Out Of Beta Now! - Google Chrome Fans

In just 100 days, Google has just announced that Google Chrome is ready for real consumers on real computers by cutting off their “beta” sign from the new browser. The new version of Google Chrome including following features: Better stability and performance of plug-ins (particularly video).

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VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers) - Top 10 Web Hosting

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers) Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions are perfect for individuals who need the customizability and scalability of a fully dedicated service at a fraction of the cost.. VPS hosting is perfect for business and e-commerce websites, or any website that requires more server resources than shared hosting can provide.

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How to disable the camera shutter and auto-focus sounds on

You don't have to do any of these, open your camera app then click on settings and scroll down and see if you have shutter sound on the list, if you dont click on edit shortcuts and you will see shutter sound , just drag it to the top the screen and it will add to your short cut then you can either turn off or on shutter sound.

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Google Chrome extension: Gestures extension - Google

But with a little effort on the user's part to create personalized gestures, it pays off over and over again in my, I hope, unbiased opinion. #3 Small Business posted on January 20, 2011 01:30 PST . Google chrome has become the king among different servers as the only google search engine is I like it more than other . Coupons Search

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Top 5 webmaster SEO extensions for Google Chrome

The tool gives a certain score to the website, after taking basis from more than 20 factors, to give a final score which will help you determine which are needed to be concentrated on. It takes the On-page SEO factors, Off-page linking, the Google Analytics, Alexa data, Social sharing score and lot of other factors.

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How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 running on Android 4.03 ICS

Connect your Samsung smartphone to computer with the original USB cable. Turn off your device, and then enter into Download mode by pressing Volume-down key, Center button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button, and then press Volume-up key, it will show a green robot.

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Google Chrome Bookmarklet: PageRank Status Checker - Check

With IE or Firefox, we can install Google Toolbar and Alexa Toolbar to check the Google PageRank and Alex Rank.Unfortunately, the current version of Google Chrome doesn't support any extensions such as Google Toolbar and Alex toolbar. So I developed a Javascript Plug-in that allows Google Chrome user to check the PageRank of the page you are browsing. It's a bookmarklet(a bookmark containing

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About ChromeFans / Contact Andrew - Google Chrome Fans was created by a google fans, it share the latest news and tutorial about Google Chrome, help solve the problems, provide Add-ons, Themes and source code download. If you have comments, or suggestions, or inquiries please contact me

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