The Proper Placement Of The American Flag By A Door | Synonym

The Flag Code includes special rules for people who live in apartment buildings with a lobby or who wish to display the flag by the door in a commercial building, such as a workplace. If the building has only one main entrance, hang the flag vertically so the union is to the observer's left when he enters the building. If the building has more

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How to Create Coupon Barcodes | Synonym

This code can only be read by the light from a barcode scanner, which you commonly see in supermarkets and bookstores. The formal name for the barcode that you see on coupons is a GS1-128 coupon code (formerly UCC). When the coupon code is scanned, the computer can tell its value (the discount) and the products with which it is associated.

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How to Donate Coupons | Synonym

Donating coupons is a way to support charities, the less fortunate and military families -- without requiring an actual cash donation. Various organizations accept manufacturer's coupons to support those who may appreciate the discounts; check with local social-service organizations first to help benefit needy people in your community.

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How to Get Free Groceries at Wal-Mart | Synonym

Getting free products at Wal-Mart is easy once you learn how to stockpile your coupons and get important rollback price information. With dedication, patience and organization, you can get free

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How to Recycle Old Textbooks | Synonym

Each school year college students are stuck with at least one textbook that can't be sold back to bookstores because a new edition has hit the press. Frequently, that doesn't mean the information is

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What Are Some Crafts for Teaching Generosity to Children

Teach your children generosity early in life. Parental modeling of generosity is the first step toward developing this habit. Whether you volunteer your time or give money or gifts to people in need,

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How to Send a Package in the Mail With No Return Address

The United States Postal Service does not require a return address on regular parcel post mail. The procedure for sending packages without a return address is exactly the same as sending them with

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