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Actived: Tuesday Jan 12, 2021


Coupon Codes - Welcome to the Etsy Community

Percentage off: You can offer any percentage off the list price of items in your shop. Fixed amount off: You can offer a fixed amount off the list price of items in your shop. These coupons are automatically shop-wide. Free standard shipping: You can offer free standard shipping on items in your shop. This means that the shopper won’t pay a

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Coupon codes - Welcome to the Etsy Community

♥ NEW Coupon Codes ♥ 15% OFF for $300 purchase. Coupon code: 300DOLLARS 10% OFF for $100 purchase. Coupon code: 100DOLLARS 5% OFF for $50 purchase.

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Any way to limit use of coupon codes? - Welcome to the

I always send a 10% coupon code with my orders and the customers can use it whenever they like. However, I would like to offer a special 15 or 20% code to certain customers for special circumstances, but don't want the code to be used over and over again. A one time use coupon code would be great for this.

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Can a person use a coupon % off code on a shop tha

If I were to put my whole shop on Sale for 20% off and someone had a 25% coupon code, would they get 25% off the already 20% discounted item? or will Etsy give the customer the higher discount only eg, they will only get 25% off the original price and not the 20% off discount price? I hope that make

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Solved: coupons - Welcome to the Etsy Community

a coupon code is a shop wide code not for specific items. the things you can choose is a percentage off or a set fixed amount. you can also choose a minimum order amount

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Multiple coupon codes? - Welcome to the Etsy Community

With sales or coupons on checkout Etsy will let the highest discount prevail, with an exception for free shipping, this can be supplemented to a coupon or sale, when active. There is no way to get double discounts, no matter how much coupons they have.

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COUPON CODES! - Welcome to the Etsy Community

FLASH SALE!!! Help me clear out some "old" inventory and save 30% off your purchase of $30 or more in the process :D Use coupon code SUMMER30 at checkout to cash in on this great deal but don't wait too long because this code expires 1 week from today! Got a coupon code?? Share it here!

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Solved: Coupons for specific Listings - Welcome to the

But you can't set up a coupon code for specific listings. I can put those listings on sale but I can't require a minimum to or purchase amount to satisfy the offer. So coupons apply to everything, sales can be specific, but can't be associated with a dollar amount or qty for specific items.

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Solved: Coupons or Not? - Welcome to the Etsy Community

I want to know how Etsy can run a Labor Day coupon code on MY shop WITHOUT my permission, and then give customers 10% off their order when they buy $35 worth of MY merchandise! Because I'm the one who took the 10% loss on this money; not Etsy!

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One Time Use Coupons? - Welcome to the Etsy Community

I have tried many coupon codes in my shop, off and on over the years free shipping, and from 10% off up to 35% off and not one single person has ever used one. Making a personal coupon code should work fine. I use a supply shop that gives coupons. I've used them and it never even crossed my mind to share them.

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