How Do You File A Complaint Against A Host? - Airbnb Community

Had a confirmed booking, had already paid, then the host said he wanted $100 in cash on arrival as a surcharge. We disagreed, but eventually cancelled, since we knew he would eventually cancel us out so he could gouge someone else.

Actived: Wednesday Nov 6, 2019


Creating a Coupon Code as a Host - Airbnb Community

Is there any way to create a coupon code you could send to guests as a host? For example, if you wanted to send a code to your guests that would give them 10% off their next stay?

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First time booking coupon code - Airbnb Community

I just booked my first Airbnb request. I'm waiting to hear back to hear if my request is accepted. I wanted to use a first-time use coupon code that I supposedly received when I signed up for Airbnb but couldn't find it.

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First time booking coupon code - Page 2 - Airbnb Community

want to use a first time booking code towards my stay but airbnb automatically applied a "10% off coupon" that I don't want to use I would rather use the $45 off for my first booking how do I remove the 10% off automatically applied coupon for the 10% so I can use my referral code??? thank you so much for your help in advance

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How to use superhost travel coupons - Airbnb Community

Re. coupons, I have a voucher for £78 and was trying to book a room including service fees etc for £69. Even though the room was less and I realise I'll be losing the difference in the credit coupon, it is still asking £1.99 off my credit card when I'm losing £9 of credit coupon?!

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First time booking coupon code - Page 3 - Airbnb Community

Hi everyone. I hope somebody here can help me regarding my reward coupon. I booked a room this morning and used my reward coupon code and had to pay the difference using my credit card. It was taking too long for the host to confirm my booking so I just decided to withdraw my request/reservation.

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Solved: 8 wasted superhost $100 travel vouchers. Why can't

As with all coupons, etc., the company's goal is to make you feel good with as little actual cost to it as possible. If you know the coupon will expire soon, maybe you will use it to cover part of a trip you wouldn't otherwise have made-- and Airbnb will still make money off of you!

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First time booking coupon code - Airbnb Community

I was just about to book my first Airbnb request - wanted to use a first-time use coupon code offer, if any. Please advise.

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coupon - Airbnb Community

I had a host bonus coupon that I was using to book travel in Spain. When I was paying for my selected listing it asked me do I want to pay the €102 in full or 50% now and 50% later.

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10% discount - Airbnb Community

I want to try it, but there doesn't seem to be a button for that. On the pricing page, I cna only set weekly/monthly discounts or the weekend rates. How will Airbnb/guests know there is a 10% off offer for my listing for those specific dates (Saturday and Sunday in my case, not the "weekend dates", which are Friday and Saturday)

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Voucher Code - Airbnb Community

A while back, I used a coupon for a trip. That trip got cancelled. I managed to get hold of airbnb via live chat, and got told that the coupon would be added to next booking I made.

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