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Life ruined by Wormwood. at Parasites Support Forum (Alt

Hello, Let me start off by saying that I am not putting the blame on these forums, Humaworm, or anything else other than myself. But, I will say the biggest mistake I have ever made was ever having discovered these forums. I’m well aware that the information provided here by others have helped countless of people get better, but in my unfortunate case, the information has helped me to ruin

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$5 off Oxy-Powder coupon (Bowel Cleanse Support Forum) 5/4

Your prize is $5 off Oxypowder, a high quality intestinal cleanser that promotes optimal colon health and regular bowel activity as well as give off time released oxygen in to the system. TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: You must use the coupon code 'secondsweep'. During checkout, you will be given the option of entering a coupon code on the check-out page.

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Turpentine Healing Properties Forum, Pure Gum Spirits of

Did Diamond G start diluting their pure gum spirits of turpentine? Many Amazon reviews report the quality of Diamond G's Turpentine has changed. I noticed the bottle I have seems quite dilute compared to hardware turpentine.

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Buying Sota Instruments- discount at Dr. Bob Beck Forum

I purchased a Bio Tuner from Sota Instruments using the Coupon code and it worked. I got the 10% discount. However, shop around because after Sota charges you the shipping charges (from Canada) it might be best to purchase from ebay or elsewhere.

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Internal Cleanse, have u used this product? at Parasites

Hi!- After readinng this from your post: "I have a crown in my mouth and 7 Amalgam fillings. I've had these fillings for 15 years or so. I want to replace the Amalgam fillings, but dont know when and whether my dental plan will cover that cost" I want to encourage you to go ahead and slowly replace your fillings at least one or two at a time -- space the dental visits no less than a month

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$10 off Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds,hemp oil,teas,Evening

New iherb customers can use ongoing coupon code TAW742 to receive $5 off any order and $10 off $40+ Only 1 Coupon Code per household. However, if you are roommates as opposed to family members, you can use a coupon code as long as you use a different shipping address and a different credit/debit card.Iherb ship to over 180 countries.

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Lifetime asthmatic trying to stay off Inhalers. Please

I think there is a big psychological effect to the drugs - a feeling of dependency and fear of coming off them - I just took the blooming steroid inhaler for 20 years without even thinking about coming off it - it kept me controlled and that was that (despite years of problems with candida).

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Re: !!BEWARE!! Crystal Clear Energized Water machine and

You want to spout off about how you got ripped off but you still want to keep the machine. I find that both interesting and telling. I happen to own the machine too and I have had the opportunity to check out some of the claims for myself and I find every one of the claims I've been able to verify to be 100% true. So if you don't like the

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Peeling lips cured after 14 years of suffering: It was an

I just had to share this here because I know what a misery this is to live with. For me it started when I was 14 years old. I was a nervous kid and would pick, bite my lips throughout those years. Around that time the problems began. I’m now 28 and two weeks ago I decided I finally had enough after years of having to check my lips in the mirror every half an hour, or before going out, or

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Vertigo and Diarrhea during Parasite Cleanse at Parasites

Hi, I suffered vertigo (intense dizziness) this morning while lying and rolling over in my bed. I have been doing parasite cleanse since Jan. 11 (11 days ago), taking the recommened max. dosage of three capsules per day of Intestinal Support by Eclectic Institute. But in the last five days, I doubled the dosage (6 capsules per day) because there is one website said we can double the dosage.

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