Wait/pause - Delphi

How do you do a pause in Delphi? I want my application to pause for 2 seconds while a DOS command I execute finishes. WaitFor doesn't seem to be what I want. TIA For waiting a specific time Sleep is the way to go, like Steve says

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25% OFF D2005 Coupon - delphi

coupon for 25% off D2005. Since I already have 2005 from SA, does anyone want this coupon/code. Let me know asap via private email. First come first served. But you have to use it before it expires Dec. 31, 2005. Chris

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2007-12-20 03:35:56 PM delphi45 Dear collegues, the team would like to offer traditional 25% discount on the eve of Christmas and New Year.

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order. At checkout enter the coupon code XMAS2007 and we will take 50% off your order total. it is that easy. NexusDB v2 is a royalty-free Client/Server and Embedded database system with features that rival other heavily licensed products. With NexusDB v2, you can keep your costs down and your competitive advantage up! Features:

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Ann - BergSoft Summer Promotion (15% Discount) - delphi

A few years ago, I looked at your products, but, was scared away by the big fight you had with your former partner. I have been using TopGrid for years, though that has been a dead product for quite some

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Please use the following "coupon code" when ordering: "New-Year-2007" (This coupon and special is valid only until end of Monday 31st December 2007 only, so hurry and order now!) In Power Editor to write an editor script that sorts your selected editor text is as easy as:-----//"text" is predefined variable containing current editor text!

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