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Actived: Tuesday Dec 1, 2020


[News] Rain, "I found my wallet, but the prize is Jang

Singer Rain refused Jang Geun-seok 's phone number.. He posted on his Twitter on the 20th, "I found my wallet; in my dogs' house. I am rich again but the smell won't go again. So does this mean I get a free food coupon, a coupon for Baekga's photo, and Jang Geun-seok 's phone number? I don't like it".

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[News] Eunhyuk:Super Junior Will Never Separate | Daily K

Leeteuk: The other day, I turned off the light in the room, and I was organizing my clothes. For a moment, I was not careful and my kneecap hit the wooden surface beside my bed. Donghae, who was there sleeping, heard me knock into the bed and laughed really happily.

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