Midwinter Conference - Food Marketing Institute

The FMI Midwinter Executive Conference Midwinter brings large national chains, mid-size regional operators, independently owned stores and wholesalers together to tackle our industries most pressing issues.

Actived: Sunday Jan 12, 2020


Coupon Re Engineering - FMI

Coupon Re-Engineering Draft Proposal, available at The current coupon code uses only 5 of what could be up to 11 digits on the MIN code – therefore, some companies potentially share the same 5 digits. want to run a ‘68 cents off’ promotion.

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Fighting Coupon Fraud at the Checkout

Counterfeit Coupon Activity yCounterfeit Coupons hurt the Retailer financially yCounterfeit Coupons hurt the Manufacturer financially yBlocking the UPC-A portion of a barcode results in rejecting good coupons this damages the Retailer’s reputation with consumers yConsumer confusion damages the Manufacturer’s reputation with consumers and retailers

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Registration - Food Marketing Institute

Register third individual for FREE online using B2G1 discount coupon code. Attend inspiring presentations, comprehensive workshops and off-site events including store and facility tours. Gain new ideas to help reduce costs, improve sustainability and build a shopping experience that meets your customers' evolving needs.

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Variety Stable Food Spending Reflects Low Food Inflation

cent of shoppers used coupons from the mail or periodi- cals every time they shopped in 2003. That rate has re-mained fairly stagnant in recent years, peaking at 27 percent in 1996. A more dramatic decline involved cou-pons received in the store. In 2003, only 15 percent of shoppers used these every time they shopped, down from 24 percent in

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Testimony of Mr. Art Potash Chief Executive Officer for

solution, or a $100 off the shelf EMV point of sale reader. That characterization innately did not reflect the true needs and perspective of the merchant community. The true cost estimates in the United States for merchants to convert to EMV runs into the billions of dollars.

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FMI | Best Practice Guide

The examples in this section represent National Family Meals Month™ programming examples over several years. As you will see, these partners—retailers, suppliers, and community collaborators— exhibit true excellence in the marketplace by leveraging social media, in-store communication, paid advertising, collaborations, employee engagement, FMI Foundation-provided marketing collateral

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FMI | Food Marketing Institute | 'S' Supermarket Terms

A new way of doing business between direct store delivery manufacturers and retailers.It incorporates daily point-of-sale data to pay for product, electronic communication technologies to eliminate discrepancies and inefficiencies, and various store-level operating improvements, such as open delivery windows and elimination of check-in, to speed product flow.

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Loyalty Programs: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All

Thirty years later shoppers are still sharing data with their grocery store, privacy is still a concern, and there is a limit to the willingness of shoppers to share personal information for specific benefits. According to the 2019 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report, 45% of shoppers say they “definitely” or “probably” would provide their store with personal information for a better

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FMI | Food Marketing Institute | Retailer Toolkit

Key Messages for Employees . Created by the Food Marketing Institute Foundation, National Family Meals Month™, launched in September 2015, is a nationwide event designed to bring grocers together to advocate for the benefits of family meals and underscore the role grocers play in helping families create and share more meals at home.

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Pam Hudson - Food Marketing Institute

She didn’t perform magic to keep such a large “ship” on an even keel. Both supervisors and employees can point to a set of concrete initiatives and programs Hudson undertook to assure her store’s success:Hudson persisted throughout the year to build the store’s e-commerce business - and it paid off.

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