Remote Team Communication Strategies For Your Distributed

What do modern-day distributed teams have in common with prehistoric hunter-gatherers? Apparently, the work-from-home life. While remote work is not nearly as recent as you might think, it has seen tremendous growth over the last 10–15 years. A 2017 report by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics found that telecommuting half-time or more increased by 115%

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Discount Codes – Formstack

The Discount Code plugin is for those who would like to add a coupon code to their Formstack order forms. Before adding this plugin, you will need a Short Answer field on your form to use as your coupon code field and a Number field on your form used to calculate your Total.

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Discount Codes - In Depth – Formstack

There are two types of codes we can add, a percentage off or a flat dollar amount off. To add a percentage off code, choose the % symbol and to add a flat dollar amount off, choose the -- symbol. In the example below, the Save5 is 5% off and the Save10 is $10 off.

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Partial Submissions – Formstack

This feature allows you to collect information that is filled out on a form when the user doesn't click the submit button. More specifically, the save is triggered by entering text into a field and then clicking out of the field either to another field or off the form completely. Notes: The Conversion Kit Add-on is at an additional cost.

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Form Builder's Guide to Payment Processing with PayPal

Coupons or discount codes: Process dollar-off or percentage-off discounts through simple coupon codes. Mobile-friendly interface: Allow customers to purchase products or register for events directly from their mobile devices. Read More: How to Process Payments with Online Forms. Additional Considerations Security

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Form Features | Powerful, Secure & Extensive | Formstack

Grow your business online with secure payment form features that can collect money for products, events, and more. Calculating Fields Calculate quantities and totals for tickets, products, and other online purchases. Discount Codes Collect discounts and coupons as a dollar amount or percentage off the total price. Email Confirmations

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Form Builder's Guide to Accepting Payments with Stripe

Coupons or discount codes to process dollar- or percentage-off discounts without hassle; Mobile-friendly interface so customers can easily purchase wherever they are; With Formstack and Stripe linked, you can even receive payment notifications while you’re in your Formstack account. The Extras Security

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Going Green: Simple Ways to be an Eco-Friendly Business

Skip printing off minutes, reports, and presentations for meetings and deliver them via email instead. or pin. Instead of giving away pieces like these, provide coupons to local restaurants, museums, or movie theaters. You could even provide branded local food items, like cookies or cake, to ensure your branding is still front and center.

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Top 5 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2019 | Formstack

Start off by adding natural language into your SEO strategy. Consider the questions patients might be asking Alexa, Siri, upload coupons or discounts, provide health records, create an easy way for patients to communicate with their healthcare provider, and more. When forecasting marketing needs into the future, consider adding an app to

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Online Fundraising Forms for Professionals | Formstack

Working in fundraising can be a tough gig with events to plan, donors to reach, and money to be raised. Take all that hard work off your shoulders with Formstack. With registration forms, follow-up surveys, and donation request forms, you can get the information and funds you need to make your fundraising campaigns a success.

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Chargify – Formstack

There are other (optional) fields that you can map as well, including a Coupon Code. Once all required fields are mapped to fields on the form the integration will turn On. You can also manually turn the integration off in the "Run Mode" area of the integration. Remove the integration by clicking "Remove" above the integration settings.

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