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Sfadfawefsdfsfasdf – New Best Friend (The Coupon Song

20 dollars off, at any fred meyer, now my spirits Are lifted higher, this coupon does not expire Yeah, I know this isn’t costco But u know that these fred meyer coupons are boss, yo Ay, i got

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Witt Lowry – Coupons Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Coupons Lyrics: A couple more bills are here / You tell me don't worry, you / Coupons on the table, we're / Tryna find a way to buy food / And I'm feeling so lost out here, I run to you / And I'm

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McDonald's – Full Menu | Genius

McDonald’s, the world’s second most expansive franchise (behind Subway) and the most popular fast food restaurant, has defined the food genre. Launched in 1940, its foods have

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Anne Frank – The Diary of Anne Frank (7/8/1942 - Genius

Tuesday morning we started where we left off the night before. Bep and Miep went grocery shopping with our ration coupons, Father worked on our blackout screens, we scrubbed the kitchen floor, and

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Thomas Pynchon – The Crying of Lot 49 Chapter 1 | Genius

The Crying of Lot 49, first published in 1966, has its protagonist, Oedipa Maas, uncovering an old dispute between two mail delivery companies. But don’t let that put you off

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Frank Sinatra – Come Fly with Me Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly with Me” was written specifically for Ol' Blue Eyes and serves as the opening track to the eponymous album released in 1958. Despite this, Frank’s re-recording

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Joren Cull – The 179 Days of Christmas Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

The 179 Days of Christmas Lyrics: - Hey kids, are you ready for Christmas? / - Yeah, woo! / - I can't hear you! I said, are you ready for Christmas?! / - Yeah! / - Well, here we go! / On the 1st

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Toni Morrison – Recitatif | Genius

Fifteen, sixteen, even, some of them were. They were put-out girls, scared runaways most of them. Poor little girls who fought their uncles off but looked tough to us, and mean. Goddid they look mean.

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Lewis Capaldi – Forever Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Forever Lyrics: Caught me off guard, I wish that I'd been sober / Still, here we are, back in Hanover '99 / Just like old times all over / Under the exit lights, as beautiful as ever / I really

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Langston Hughes – Thank You, Ma'am | Genius

“Thank You, Ma'am” is a American short story written by Langston Hughes. The story was published in 1958 and it is a great example of the short story form in general.

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