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In business for more than two decades, GPS Pools is an independent pool supplies and service company based in Lutz and Land O’ Lakes, Florida. Our company aims to provide an unmatched quality of service, and is committed to serve as an affordable, reliable, and trustworthy source for pool supplies, products, and services.

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Thermeau Prestige Electric Heat Pumps: The Good, the Bad

Cooling off in the summer months is great. However, in the cooler fall, winter, and even early spring months, warmer water is what you need to keep the excitement and exercise going strong. Read on to learn if Thermeau Prestige electric heat pumps are a good choice to help you play in your pool in all kinds of weather.

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How To Clean a Pool Filter the Right Way | Pool Filter

Safety first! Make sure to turn off all the electricity going to your pool. Assess the location to make sure it’s dry and safe to work on. Open the release valve and take the restraining band off of your pump. Locate the filter and remove it carefully. After you have discarded the old one, replace it with a new one, and be sure to put it in

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Pool Repair, Installation & Remodeling by GPS Pools

Cracking and crumbling of pool tiles or tiles falling off. This could be the result of beam damage due to the concrete’s expansion and contraction over the years. Tiles falling off can be caused by bond failure, cracked beam and improper caulking between the coping and the deck. White deposits on tile.

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How to Winterize a Pool in Florida | Winter Pool Tips

When learning how to winterize a pool, it pays off to give your hardware an honest examination. Now is a good time to make sure your pool’s heater is up to par. If you already have one, and if you’re planning on using it for wintertime pool sessions, you should still follow this guide’s tips—as you won’t be running your heater 24/7.

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Green Algae In Pool | Swimming Pool Green Algae | GPS Pools

pH levels are off: water that is too acid or too alkaline is bad for the mucous membranes, eyes, visibility, as well as your pool equipment. In combination with low chlorine levels, it creates an environment that not only allows the green algae to thrive and ruin your water but also ruins your pump and heater.

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Rheem Digital Heat Pump 140k 208-230v - GPS Pools

Description. The Rheem Digital Heat Pump 140k 208-230v is the latest in spa and pool heating. The spiral titanium tube heat exchanger is designed to offer a corrosion-resistance waterway that can successfully transfer the heat to the water.

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How to Find and Fix a Pool Leak - GPS Pools

After 24 hours, check the level and measure how much water you’ve lost. Refill the pool to the initial level, then turn off the filter. Wait another 24 hours and measure the level again. More water lost with the filter on means the leak is past the impeller. More water lost with the filter off means a leak before the impeller.

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How To Get a Pool Ready For Summer - GPS Pools

Your pool can get dirty in the off-season, so you’ll have to make sure all parts of it are clean. Algae and scum can form on the sides and bottom of the pool. Filters and baskets can grow dirty and clogged. Leaves, dirt, and other unwelcome intruders can find their way into the water. Spiders, insects, and even small animals may end up in the

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Pentair Clean and Clear CC150 Cartridge 150 sq. ft. In

This dependable design uses special filter elements to strip tiny particles from your pool water… particles as small as 30 microns. (An average grain of beach sand is 1000 microns!) And cleaning is a snap. Open the top, remove the cartridge, hose it off, and Clean & Clear is ready to go again.

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Tips On How to Clean Pool Decks - GPS Pools

Proper pool maintenance includes routine pool deck cleaning, but not all decks require the same treatment. We’ve provided some professional tips to help.

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