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You want the best for your pet. So do we. My Pet Companion is focused on giving you everything you need to be the best pet parent you can be. Save money with exclusive discounts icon Find useful health & training tips icon Get important pet care reminders icon

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What is Cat Spraying - How to Deal With It | Hill's Pet

What is Cat Spraying - How to Deal With It | Hill's Pet; Published by. min read. The cat is usually fastidious about its toilet habits and will consistently use a litter tray indoors, if it is provided, or soil in the garden. If she is soiling indoors it can therefore be very worrying. Occasionally a one-off accident can occur if a cat is

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Choosing the Best Cat Food | Hill's Pet

Providing your cat with a happy lifestyle is what being a pet parent is all about, and it starts with their food. Along with plenty of fresh cool water, cats needs the best food for their stage in life--one that includes protein, carbohydrates, certain types of fats, and essential vitamins and minerals.

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Doggy Boot Camp- the ‘how to’ guide | Hill's Pet

Dust off those acting skills and play the part. Teaching a new skill requires patience. But think about how impressed everyone will be by your pet’s newly acquired tricks. Keep changing the reward you offer. A favourite toy can encourage your dog to follow a path as well as a food treat. Start off slow.

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How to Kitten Proof Your Home | Hill's Pet

10. Be Patient When Kitten Proofing Your Home. Whether your new cat is young or old and wise, it's tough to learn all the house rules at once. A kitten might avoid all the wires or loose objects on your floor, but be highly interested in climbing curtains or jumping up shelves.

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How to Prepare and Care for a Pregnant Dog | Hill's Pet

A mother dog can usually handle a birth completely on her own. She'll deliver the puppies, take them out of the amniotic membrane, chew off the umbilical cord and begin to clean them up. A helping hand. If the new mother doesn't seem to know what to do, is exhausted or is in the midst of delivering another puppy, there are a few things you can do.

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What Does Your Cat Do When You Leave the House? | Hill's Pet

So, if you suspect that your cat might be a little thief in waiting it’s probably a good idea to secure your food by more than just leaving it up high off the ground. Cat's are climbers and putting food on top of the refrigerator is seen more as a challenge rather than a deterrent. 4. Damaged Furniture

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“Smile!” How to take the perfect picture of your dog

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A bored cat is not a happy cat. Making sure your furry friend is mentally stimulated and engaged through cat play will make them happier and is likely to bring you more peace too, especially if your cat is showing destructive behaviours like shredding your curtains or digging up your potted plants.

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