The HTML5 Semantic Elements And What They Mean For SEO

The HTML5 Semantic Elements and What They Mean For SEO. Post written by Roy Dopaishi On Thursday, February 23rd, 2017. Having a semantically coded site or landing page that adheres to all HTML5 guidelines could be the extra push your site needs to boost rankings. This is where having a general knowledge about HTML5 will come in handy.

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How to Add Coupon Affiliate Sites to your Affiliate

Create compelling coupons to attract your audience, partner with the most relevant and trustworthy coupon sites, and do your best to maximize the reach and impact of your discounts. Then you’ll see what a valuable asset coupon sites can be to your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Discount Offers - Inbound Now

Would you like a discount of 10% to 50% off on the first year of your subscription or on a individual purchase?. Inbound Now provides coupons to people who create these types of content: Informative articles / blog posts about Inbound Now.

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Social Gate Landing Page - Inbound Now - Marketplace

Social Gate Landing Page. Special lander that reveals content after a visitor performs social action. Demo. Put offers, discount codes, coupons, or other downloads behind a social media gate where visitors will have to share a link of your choosing through their social networks to access the content.

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