How To Troubleshoot A Chevy Silverado Heater | It Still Runs

The heater in your Chevy Silverado supplies the heat to the cabin. There could be several reasons why it's not working properly. The heat in the Silverado is supplied by the hot engine coolant running through the engine cooling channels. Some of this coolant is diverted from the cooling system into a heater core.

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List of Discounts Available for AAA Members | It Still Runs

List of Discounts Available for AAA Members by Susan Abe . The American Automobile Association (AAA), known widely as "Triple A," was established in Chicago in 1902. Automobile travel was new and yet to be uniformly regulated by localities, states or the federal government. AAA stepped in to meet those needs, publishing its first map in 1905

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Door Prizes for Car Shows | It Still Runs

One of the draws at a car show are the door prizes. It is important, when choosing door prizes, to pick something people will actually want. Lots of things make good door prizes. You can choose to give away a small collection of inexpensive things as long as they are not too inexpensive. Avoid trying to pass off yard

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How to Put a Car Into Neutral When the Battery Is Dead

How to Put a Car Into Neutral When the Battery Is Dead by Leonardo R. Grabkowski . Modern vehicles have electronic ignitions; most of them also have electronic shift lock, often included as a safety or anti-theft feature. This presents a problem if your battery is dead; without power, the electronic shift lock cannot disengage with the key in

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Cheapest Places to Get Oil Changes | It Still Runs

Valvoline Instant Oil Change's conventional oil change runs $29.99 for a standard vehicle. The other oil options are DuraBlend, MaxLife and SynPower all of which range in price up to $50.00. The company offers coupons regularly, occasionally offering cost savings as high as 20 percent off the regular price.

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How to Read Code on Everstart Batteries | It Still Runs

How to Read Code on Everstart Batteries by Anthony Smith . Everstart is the brand name that the Wal Mart Corporation uses on the sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries that it sells for automobile, marine and other motorized vehicles. There are just three major automobile battery manufacturers in the United States, although each of these makers may

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How to Redeem Kroger Gas Points | It Still Runs

How to Redeem Kroger Gas Points by Loletrazina Church . Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Kroger Company is one of the largest grocery retailers in the nation. The Kroger Company offers customers the opportunity to use the Kroger Plus Card and the 1-2-3 Rewards MasterCard to earn fuel rewards points for fuel discounts. Earn a 10-cent

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How Does a Car Rental Work? | It Still Runs

How Does a Car Rental Work? by Brandon M. Dennis . Renting a car is a convenient option for anyone who needs a temporary vehicle for a vacation, special event, business outing or during a period when you’re in between cars. which means you can drop it off at your arrival destination if that is more convenient for you. When you go to pick

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GM Service Parts Identification | It Still Runs

The service parts identification label is a self-adhesive sticker. Depending upon the make and model of the vehicle, it can be located underneath the hood, inside the glove box door, on the inside of the rear door or on the inside of the center console.

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How to Find the Manufacture Date on Interstate Batteries

All Interstate batteries are stamped with a coded date, which Interstate refers to as the shipping date. Interstate distribution centers also put another date on the batteries because batteries get recharged if they remain in stock for more than three months. Finding the manufacture date on Interstate batteries is a fairly straightforward task

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Tips on How to Pass the California Smog Test | It Still Runs

The smog test, a requirement of California state law, checks that vehicles pass certain emission standards. Your engine cannot exceed standards for hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, since such chemicals can be harmful to the atmosphere. Preparing for a smog test requires a few systems checks and

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