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“Leadpages is a prime example of customer service greatness! The support team stayed right with us and even created custom, step-by-step videos for our unique situation. We felt supported, cared about, and valued as a customer. The support team went the extra mile.”

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Create an Online Coupon with These 2 - Leadpages Blog

Create an Online Coupon That Gets Sales and Subscribers with 2 especially to help you create online coupons—with a twist that makes them even more effective than the average coupon code. If you’re a Leadpages customer, you can get this pair of drag-and-drop templates by logging into Leadpages right now—just look for the ones marked

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Landing Page Download: Free Coupon Template

Instead, download this free coupon template and get new customers in the door. Paper coupons are hard to track and hard to optimize. Instead, download this free coupon template and get new customers in the door. The cost element—things like printing off coupons or paying for distribution;

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7 Ways to Get More Customers into Your Store

7 Ways to Get More Customers into Your Store (That Your Competitors Probably Haven’t Discovered Yet) During the in-store event, every item in the store was on sale, we provided free coffee and cookies, and we raffled off watches and gift certificates. of course, sending special limited-time offers or coupons is a reliable way to get

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4 Ways to Kickstart Lead Generation with Your Coming Soon

It’s never too late to collect leads. Whether it’s five days or three weeks before your product, business, or website launch, you still have time to build (or expand) an audience of people who can’t wait to see what you unveil. With a coming soon landing page, you can connect with people who

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Build My Business: How to Run a Sweepstakes & Get Leads

Use this code for 15% off your next purchase with us!” Since these new leads will be watching their inboxes for news of the sweepstakes outcome, they’ll be likely to open this email—and since they were interested enough in my products to enter, they’ll be likely to take advantage of the coupon code, too.

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How To Turn 25% of Your Customers Into Evangelists

How To Turn 25% of Your Customers Into Evangelists (with Inbound For ECommerce) Posted by Very much so and just because the business that this study is based off of is a direct to patient durable medical equipment company. You could go ahead and give them coupons or something for their friends and that would be a way that you could

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AWeber's Tom Kulzer With 6 Tips For Happy Email Subscribers

“Right now, everyone receiving this email can get 50% off Acme Hair Gel until next Thursday. Use the coupon code below” and “Right now, you can save 50% on your next purchase of Acme Hair Gel when you use the coupon code below.” 2. Keep Your Promises to Your Subscribers

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The Free Podcast Marketing Strategy that - Leadpages Blog

If you listen to a lot of podcasts, you’ve heard ads like this: “Go to www.website.com and enter coupon code PODCASTNAME at checkout to receive 20% off your first purchase.” Big companies like Squarespace and MailChimp use these podcast-specific coupon codes so they can track exactly how many sales they get from each podcast.

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The Lyft Formula: 5 Steps to Getting Noticed in a

To help you apply the Lyft Formula in your own business, we created a checklist based on the five points discussed in this article. It contains questions that will help you discover your marketable differences, identify your audience, create a memorable experience, and more. Simply click here or the button below to get your copy.

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The 10 Best Landing Pages We Found in April & May 2016

The 10 best landing pages we saw in the past month each bring something new to the table. Read on to spot what makes them distinctive—or take a moment first to get your hands on the landing page templates that support all this creativity. We’ve put together a pack of 8 of the templates used in this post, including:

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