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New Dream (formerly Center for a New American Dream) empowers people to transform the ways they consume to improve well-being for people and the planet.

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New Dream | Spending Strategies: How Frugality Helped Me

In my previous blog post, I talked about how I used the program described in Your Money or Your Life to substantially lower my expenses, pay off my mortgage, and break my economic dependence on my job. Here, I’ll mention a few more strategies I followed to do this. Most importantly, every time I bought something, paid a bill, gave to charity, or let money leave my bank account in any way at

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1 5 T I P S F O R C O M M E R C I A L - F R E E , F U N

Use that extra time off from school and work to savor being together instead of in a constant state of digital distraction. Here’s how: Make sure all holiday meals are free of screens. Designate certain days during the holidays—or all of them!—to be screen-free for the entire family. Power down tablets and

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New Dream | Beyond the Lion’s Den: Mapping a More

The boys will love the customizable coupon book, with coupons good for “staying up 15 minutes past bedtime” and “dessert BEFORE dinner.”Inspired by the More Fun, Less Stuff Catalog to think about giving gifts of experience and connection instead of material gifts, we’ll also give each boy a “Design-a-Day with Mom & Dad”—both W and M will get both of us parents to himself for a

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New Dream | TIPS: 15 Tips for Commercial-Free, Fun-Filled

15 Tips for Commercial-free, Fun-filled Family Holidays 1. Create a different kind of wish list. Instead of material presents, encourage your children to request gifts of time, skill, experience, and connection—the best goodies any time of year—by making a wish list on New Dream’s SoKind Registry.Holiday gifts for kids can include museum memberships, guitar lessons, a contribution toward

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New Dream | A Single Shining Marble, and Other Cherished Gifts

Offer your friends and family coupons for raking the yard, doing the dishes, or making dinner. Take your mom out for coffee. Visit a friend you don’t normally see. Give a babysitting coupon to new parents (as the recipient of such a gift, I can tell you this is a super one).

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