Hiking In Portugal: Some Of The Best Trails

In this article you’ll find our tips on some of the best hiking trails in Portugal. Sure, there are much more walking paths in Portugal, but unfortunately we had only two weeks to visit the country. We also stayed in some amazing hotels and we’ll help you to decide where to stay in Portugal

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Airbnb Coupon Code For First Booking – Nomad is Beautiful

Airbnb offers not only some great places to stay in 190+ countries, but it also helps you feel like you’re living like a local, so you can enjoy a destination from a perspective different than the usual tourist.. If you’re going to make your first reservation on Airbnb and want a bonus on top, get your free Airbnb coupon code now. If not, you should still read the whole post!

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How to get secret travel deals you never knew about

This effectively means you will never be any worse off for having booked with GenieTraveler as opposed to any other booking site. A GenieTraveler representative also informed us that the company is about to get 1 million more hotels and have a stronger Asia presence, which should hopefully improve the offering in this part of the world in future.

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What to Pack for Thailand: the Ultimate Packing List

What to pack for Thailand. In general, the climate in Thailand is hot and humid, with monsoon season hitting the country during the second half of the year, which can last through October. Pack clothes made of breathable materials like cotton, light linen, and quick-dry material. Backpack. Go for a comfortable, durable, and carry-on size backpack.

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5 Actions to Start Saving Money for Your Long-term Travels

Useful tips on how to start saving money for your long-term travels. Useful tips on how to start saving money for your long-term travels. Skip to content coupon code. Airbnb Coupon Code For First Booking Read More » it’s tough but will pay off. I find using Mint to tracking spending and budgets helps a lot as well, to see what’s

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Learning to be a Swede in Dalarna - Nomad is Beautiful

Folk art in Dalarna, similarly to other parts of the country, In case you prefer something more relaxing than hiking, you can also set off for a canoe trip through wild taiga in Dalarna. Eco-tourism company, Prev Previous Airbnb Coupon Code For First Booking.

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Cycling Medieval Towns in Costa Brava And The Pyrenees

In this article, you’ll find practical tips on cycling around the medieval towns in Costa Brava and the Pyrenees, including suggestions for what to see, where to stay and where to grab some delish tapas along the cycling routes. Skipping the medieval towns of Costa Brava while traveling through

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Things to do in Matera, Italy: Tips on Outdoors, Food and

A comprehensive list of things to do in Matera for outdoors, food and culture lovers, and those who like exploring off the beaten path places. The city of Matera and its Sassi are extraordinary. They are mysterious and carry a rare story. After Jerusalem and Alepo, Matera is the third oldest town in

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Things to Do in Chiang Mai: Your Ultimate List of Awesome

Your ultimate list of things to do in Chiang Mai covering its vibrant food scene, culture, nature, nightlife, shopping, history, wellness and so much more. 30+ awesome tips on awesome experiences in the city!

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Tortuga Setout Backpack: A Detailed Review – Nomad is

The Tortuga Setout backpack, created by Tortuga, was conceived by a team of travelers in 2009 who found that scouring busy city streets, and jumping in and out of boats on remote islands wasn’t conducive to using traditional top loading backpacking backpacks.. Out of this experience came the Tortuga pack: a backpack designed by travelers, for travelers.

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