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Octopon is a coupon website with a unique coupon generator that shows small businesses and freelancers how to create a coupon by using our proprietary coupon template and coupon maker. Our smart coupon manager helps them track and optimize their offers providing daily deal reports and insights.

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About free online coupon maker - Business friendly coupons

We believe SMB’s & freelancers deserve the same “super powers” as mega chains or conglomerates - to create not only discount coupons but also to offer unique deals such as “Buy 2 get the 3rd 30% off” or “10% off of dessert when ordering an Entree on Thursdays.”

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You can creating friendly coupons & promo codes for your business. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Cookies Site management cookies are used to maintain your identity or session on the Site so that you are not logged off unexpectedly, and any information you enter is retained from page to page.

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Parkway Pet Clinic coupons

Parkway Pet Clinic coupons. 100% 50 30. $25 OFF Lumps and Bumps Exam $25 OFF Related Surgical Work. 100% 50 30. $20 OFF YOUR NEXT VISIT. 9% 430 366. $25 OFF DENTAL PROCEDURE. Parkway Pet Clinic coupons. 100% 50 30. $25 OFF Lumps and Bumps Exam $25 OFF Related Surgical Work.

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Terms for printable coupon templates word | Create coupon

Create your own coupon book or printable coupon templates in MS word with us. According to our terms we allows you to offer coupons and deals to their clients.

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Benefits of coupon websites for business | Biz Join

There are many benefits of coupon websites for growth your business so biz join with us immediately. You can find all types of coupons on our website.

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Mobile Coupons Are Blowing the Doors Off of Traditional

Mobile Coupons Are Blowing the Doors Off of Traditional Print Coupons. Smartphones have changed the way people shop, and consumers, mostly between the ages of 18-35 prefer to shop, buy and use coupons on their phones more than any other method of shopping. 72% of consumers say they have looked for coupons or offers while in-store via their

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Restaurants guide and Best blank coupon template for free

Here are some tips to help you use coupons in the best, most profitable way for your restaurant. Toppings, Sides & Drinks - One of the most profitable ways to increase check size or profit per order and one of the best ways to bring people in is instead of just giving a “percentage off” discount, give a discounted or free topping, side or

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How Taking Control of Discounts Gives Your Business An

It’s a great way to piggyback off of sales your customers are more likely to be aware of and retain the business for yourself. When you look into customized coupons, you begin to see their strategic uses in keeping your store competitive. Through creative application, they can help you gain leverage while serving both yourself and your customers.

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How Buy One Get One Offers Help Retailers – Octopon Blog

At their core, coupons are a means to get customers through the door and shopping with you. The deals need to be enticing, but even a good deal can be ignored if the language isn’t clear. BOGO is, essentially, fifty-percent off a purchase of two specific items, but customers don’t process it that way.

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Amazing deal from Parkway Pet Clinic - octopon.me

Must print and surrender coupon at check in. Please print one coupon per pet (up to 2 pets). Call 760-743-0973 to make appointment and mention coupon. Coupon code : 20OFF. Must purchase minimum of $50 in services to qualify.

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