Here Are All The Vegan Girl Scout Cookies For 2020 | PETA

There happen to be five varieties of vegan Girl Scout cookies! Discover the delectable brands that supply the Girl Scouts with vegan cookies: Girl Scout S’mores (From ABC Bakers) The chocolate-covered Girl Scout S’mores cookie is described as a “crispy graham cookie double dipped in yummy crème icing and finished with a scrumptious chocolatey coating.”

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Vegan and Cruelty-Free Coupons | PETA

Use coupon code “PETA” to receive 15% off your purchase of Nuzest vegan protein powders and vitamin-infused bars and drinks as well as free shipping for all orders over $50. MAKAI & MAKAI CARES Use code PETA30 for 30% off any item.

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The Best Vegan Pumpkin Spice Drinks (August 2019) | PETA

The pumpkin spice craze has begun. And while Starbucks’ vegan pumpkin spice lattes are currently available only in Europe, there are tons of vegan pumpkin spice latte options to keep us warm here in the U.S. Check out some of our favorites: Peet’s Coffee. Peet’s Coffee has a vegan autumn menu that’s to die for. For pumpkin lovers, the

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Down-Free Jackets and Other Vegan Winter Coats | PETA

Looking for down-free jackets? You’re not alone. Cruelty can be found in every stitch of down-stuffed Canada Goose jackets. Birds used for their down feathers are inevitably sent to the slaughterhouse, where standard practice is to hang them upside down, stun them, and then slit their throats—often while they’re still conscious.

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Celebrate PETA's Twitter Following With Vegan Discounts | PETA

— PETA (@peta) March 17, 2017 Our “Bacon in Reverse” video made a huge splash on Twitter, with over 4 million impressions, more than 1.4 million views, and half a million engagements. If you’re horrified by this video, be sure to grab a coupon for Tofurky and pick up some vegan bacon.

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Our Grades for Meal-Delivery Companies (July 2019) | PETA

Bonus: If you follow this referral link Sun Basket will give PETA supporters $45 off their first order ($35 off week one and $10 off week two). Takeout Kit meal kits serve four people each, and the recipe themes feature different cultures’ cuisines. Some meal kits are designed to “just add protein,” allowing you to get creative with tofu

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Tasty Vegan Meal Prep Services (October 2019) | PETA

Purple Carrot offers two plans: a two-person plan with three recipes a week for $68 and a four-person plan with two recipes a week for $72. Receive $30 off your first order by using exclusive coupon code PETA30.

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All The Best Vegan Veggie Burgers (Updated December 2019

Happy #VeggieBurgerDay! "The Lutzka" – Kick things off with 360° of flavor like pro skateboarder @greglutzka! He might skate goofy (footed), but his veggie burger building talents are no joke – Sonoma Veggie Burger with organic ketchup, avocado, pickles and sautéed onions on a whole wheat bun (no cheese, please!). Share a pic of your

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