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Jetstar.com Partners With Afterpay - Power Retail

The “buy now, pay later” phenomenon has now found its way into the airline industry. Australian passengers can now pay off their local flights in installments following Jetstar’s new sign up with payment platform Afterpay.. Afterpay is now available for bookings made online at Jetstar.com for all Australian domestic flights which carries the Afterpay logo.

Actived: Friday Dec 20, 2019

URL: https://edm.powerretail.com.au/pureplay/jetstar-partners-afterpay/

Coupon Codes: Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Contact your affiliate manager, and explain this situation to them, and tell them you need an “exclusive coupon code” which will at least impede people from navigating off my site to search for other coupons in Google that.. (most of the time), are not actually “Real Coupons”, and are not actually “providing any value”….

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An Overview of Couponing and Performance-based Marketing

Couponing – in particular online coupling – started in the US, but the largest voucher site in the world (retailmenot.com), currently listed on the NASDAQ under ‘SALE,’ was originally bought from an Australian company (which has reported here before).Due to the rapid growth of the US and UK couponing market, global players started using the model, which really boosted the rise of

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Google Introduces Zavers in a Bid to Capture Coupon Market

The US search giant seems to have its eye firmly set on disrupting the retail sector with the recent announcement that Google is introducing Zavers, a digital couponing and redemption solution for retailers and manufacturers.. It’s not the first time that the company has entered the market with a loyalty system, either.

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JCPenney's Ruby Anik: Department Store is the #1 Opportunity

There were a few raised eyebrows in the room when Anik said that the department store is the number one opportunity in American retail. But with JCP’s new and – what some might call risky – initiatives, there appear to be opportunities galore when it comes to the department store.

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Spreets Cops Massive Whack - Power Retail

Spreets is the latest group buying site in Australia to feel the wrath of the ACCC, penalised a six figure sum for false or misleading claims. One of the earliest group buying websites established in Australia, Spreets, has suffered the wrath of the ACCC with a debilitating penalty for making false

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Kogan Attacks Affiliate Networks, Calls Out 'Shysters'

Ruslan Kogan, Founder and CEO of electronics pureplay Kogan, is well known for his ability to harness the power of PR and spin, but his latest outburst appears to go beyond attention seeking as the entrepreneur puts his axe to the grindstone.. A piece that recently appeared on VentureBeat, authored by Kogan, is written as a direct attack against the entire affiliate network industry.

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