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Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant: Will They Take My Baby

Marijuana during pregnancy is becoming more prevalent. Hopefully, you’ll consider actually reading this post before you comment. This post points out the dangers of smoking weed while pregnant and how CPS will be involved. Will they take your baby away if you test positive? Marijuana while pregnant or breastfeeding can have serious consequences. I …

Actived: Friday Jan 24, 2020

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BloomLife $20 Promo Code & Review

It can be really hard to know WHEN you’re contracting. If you’re here to know what a contraction feels like << I actually split that post off right there (this post is more a review of the BloomLife monitor).. Bloom Life Promo Code Save $20 with a BloomLife Coupon Code. I know a lot of you are here just looking for a coupon code — I have a lot more info on the monitor down below if you

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5 Little Monkeys Coupon & Discount Code: The Best Children

Getting a discount on a quality mattress is a total win. This Five Little Monkeys coupon code is going to save you $25 off your mattress. I will also list any further discounts or promotions here that you can enjoy! Ok, I bet you’ve read our 5 Little Monkeys Mattress Review and are wondering HOW …

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Save on an Owlet Monitor: Does a NURSE really think it's

This post is all about looking for ways to save on an Owlet monitor or an Owlet promo code. But first, let’s find out if it’s actually worth it (because even with a coupon code you want it to be WORTH IT) — from an L&D RN.

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Carvana Review and $500 Coupon: What makes it different?

Carvana $500 off Coupon. I have ten $500 dollar-off coupons that I can share with readers. I wish I would have had one of these, but I can only give out 10 discounts. Anyway, my name is Hilary Erickson and I bought a 2017 Honda Pilot. That info should allow you to save the $500.

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Desk Cycle for Weight Loss Review: Plus a Flexispot Coupon

First off, you can get a 5% Flexispot coupon code if you use my link to buy any of the desk/standing bikes at Flexispot — pretty great! Desk Cycle for Weight Loss. Before Flexispot sent me the bike I was pretty disgusted by my own sedentary lifestyle….

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Tushy Review & Coupon Code: Who it's for from a nurse.

Tushy Review & Coupon Code: Who it’s for from a nurse. Basically (although, here are the instructions in case you want to see it first) you turn off the water to your toilet, drain it — add on the adaptor, and put the seat under your regular toilet seat. The end.

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5 Little Monkeys Mattress Review & Discount Promo Code

5 Little Monkeys Mattress Review— Until now a kid’s mattress isn’t something you could find… we’re going to talk about picking out the BEST kids Mattress — one that’s meant for their little bodies.I even have a discount coupon code — use CURLS25 to save you $25 off when you shop this link.

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Use Groupon Coupons to Stop Clipping

And I REALLY like not clipping extra coupons. Just a money saving tip as tax time approaches, or if you want to get something special for Valentines. See if Groupon can help you, and your pocketbook, out. Thanks to Groupon Coupons for sponsoring this post, you can read my full disclosure here.

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Free Prenatal Class, & Other Pregnancy Freebies!

Online Prenatal Class for Couples Coupon Code. You can use code PC10 to get 10% off the class! And without further adieu. Here are 10 things I’d rather spend money on than prenatal class: {this list is totally tongue in cheek, there is plenty to buy with a new baby}

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Do You Print Coupons?

Do You Print Coupons? This post may contain affiliate links where I earn a bit of hair gel money from your purchase at no cost to you. Feel free to check my disclosure for more info!. March 1, 2009 By Hilary Erickson

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