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Just a few things that could use a bit of process improvement (from my perspective): 1. inside top of shelf (Small Patriot S) should probably not be finished, or at least not sanded as light bar adhesive does not stick well (unless you sand first which is a pain), also light bar and lock should run on same battery setup (multiple power supplies is a pain).

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I was offered a code to use for the total amount of my original purchase price and $30 in addition for purchasing another tablet, but the code they gave me only gave me 10% off a new tablet. It was not for the full amount I had originally paid as they had stated.

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Coupon Queen Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

Review: Originally I signed up for a $9.95 fee which promised access to online coupons to be able to print off and $300 in free coupons sent by mail the first year. This was in May of 2011 I believe. I was charged and recieved a coupon wallet with approximately $40 in coupons a couple weeks later.

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Kohl's Corporation Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

Review: I placed an order online, the coupon code did not get completely taken off. It was to be 30% but was only 15%. I contacted the Live Chat they would not take help. I called the 888 number and the associate would not help. so I told them to cancel the order and they said they would. Later, I went online and ordered again using the 30% off.

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E-Conolight Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

I recently placed an order with 10% off coupon code they sent me in email and to my surprise, few days later I get another code with 15% off. Items I ordered barely arrived and I have not even opened any of it and here I receive coupon that gives better discount!!

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Thank you for applying for our 5% Off Wholesale Drop-Ship Program from Your account has been approved. Your 5% off coupon code, for placing wholesale/drop-ship orders on our website, is: fo8n3s Please enter your coupon code when placing drop-ship orders on [redacted] to apply your wholesale pricing.

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My Vapor Store Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

My purchases are received super quick, maybe because I only live one state away but still, its quick! Everything is always there, and they have the cheapest prices by far.and on top of that I always find a coupon code too! maybe like 10% off, or 10 bucks off order over 50$ something like that.

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Valpak Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

[redacted] assured me when I did the Valpak that it was easy and would go off without a hitch. I received my fist Valpak envelop on around the 29th-30th of October. My husband went through the coupon and noticed ours was the only one that was flipped around - showing not our ad but instead the Valpak ad. This was the only coupon in the entire

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CE Showroom Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

He was not going to compromise in any shape and kept threatening us to either give him the product for fee to he would leave negative feedbacks for us. I even offered him 15% off our cost plus free shipping to keep him satisfied but he did not accept it. He wanted to get a $500.00 item for free just because our server had crashed.

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Headfirst Honor Roll Camp (baseball) Reviews, Complaints

September 21, 2015Dear [redacted] ,Headfirst Honor Roll Camps received a letter from the on September 18, Contrary to your asserted timeline, this letter was the first and only correspondence we received from your office.Regarding the complaint from *** [redacted] ***, Headfirst Honor Roll Camps have gone above and beyond our stated refund and credit policies to offer the [redacted

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Healthy Feet Store Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

We order these shoes directly from Drew Drew provides us a daily file of their Inventory so we don't have backorders This file is automatically uploaded to our website However, occasionally they make a mistake or the product is purchased by someone else from Drew between the time they sent the file and the order placed If they are out of stock, Drew provides us a day and time when the shoe

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