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Fake Coupons, an Almost Unheard of Scam, Costs $600M

Fake coupons crime is rocketing in the US, with more types of fraudulent coupons churned out in the first few months of this year than in the whole of the previous decade. One coupon scam in particular recently turned into a major headache for a leading food manufacturer and hundreds of retailers.

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Census Imposters Target Your Money and Your ID.html

Shopping warehouse company Costco and big-name retailer Kohls are both warning about Facebook scams that claim they’re respectively offering $75- and $100-off coupons. They’re not. And if you click on the links that accompany the “offers,” you’ll end up in trouble, losing money and perhaps confidential financial information.

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Watch Out For This Gem Of A Scam.html

We’re not just talking about passing off a glittering piece of cubic zirconium (CZ) as a thousand dollar diamond, though that happens often enough. No, the con merchants go way beyond that. They make “sandwiches” with two cheap stones and a colored glue for the filling.

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The Latest In Gift Card Scams.html

Don’t buy gift cards off of publicly displayed racks in retail stores. In addition, don’t assume that because gift cards are inaccessible to the public, they are safe. After all, store employees can participate in gift card scams too. Always carefully examine both the front and back of a gift card before you buy it. If you can see a PIN

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Virtual Greetings Card Scam Takes the Shine off Christmas.html

Crooks use common card scam to offer fake products and install malware: Internet Scambusters #522 ‘Tis the season to be wary. That’s the message from Internet security companies highlighting the latest Christmas card scam and spam attacks targeting your inbox.

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Airport Scams Are On The Rise.html -

Airport scams are on the rise — and increased security may even increase (rather than decrease) them: Internet Scambusters #305. There are dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of different types of airport scams.

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The Update On The Free Credit Report Scam.html

Last year, we described the program in our article on getting a free credit report. There is only one website,, where you can order or download your free credit reports. Unfortunately, studies have found that there are over one hundred fraudulent sites that are misspellings of the real site!

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New Facebook Scams Attack Your Privacy.html

This turns out again to be coupons offered via a website. This time, it tells victims they’ll receive coupons worth discounts of up to 80% off the cost of certain items — but they have to pay the promoter a 10% fee to get the coupons. Even worse, many of the supposed offers turn out to be worthless and won’t be honored by the manufacturer.

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Scamlines 15: Tricksters cash in on confusion and scare

Although it’s a legitimate offer, the supplier insists recipients take out a warranty for $59, plus pay shipping and handling fees of $40 — for a total outlay of $99. The same converters sell for less than $40, with US government coupons, in retail stores. The solution: The impending switch to digital TV confuses many viewers.

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Scambusters | Internet Scams, Identity Theft, and Urban

Since November 1994, has helped over eleven million people protect themselves from scams Scambusters is committed to helping you avoid getting taken by dangerous Internet scams, frustrating spam, devious identity theft, and other cunning offline and online scams.

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