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December was fairly busy but I don't actually have a ton to show for it. I had like 3 work christmas parties, attended a new book club, had dinner with friends, had nights in with friends where we watched some of the Dolly netflix series, book club including ranking this year's books and the book exchange.

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2017 Plum Paper Planner review (and comparison to 2016

2017 Plum Paper Planner review (and comparison to 2016 planner) Right off the bat, the 2017 planner is a smidge bigger than the 2016 one, and feels a bit better quality but that could be in my head because it's all shiny and new. I like the font for my name on the 2017 better than the 2016 one. (There's a coupon code somewhere on my

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2016 Plum Paper Planner + Coupon Code | See You In A Porridge

And if you do decide to go with a new Plum Paper planner, I have some good news- I contacted them because I love my planner so much I begged them for a coupon code for everyone else. Use code PORRIDGE10 to get 10% off. It's valid until 12/31/15 so you have plenty of time!

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TGIF #5 | See You In A Porridge

Happy Friday everyone! The last 2 weekends of April are going to be pretty busy for us, so we are doing absolutely nothing this weekend, and I can't wait.

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See You In A Porridge: 2017

They have coupons for new users, and a reading rewards program - every time you spend $50, you get a $5 reading reward. I don't want to look at how many rewards I've gotten because then I would see how many times I have spent $50 and I don't want to. Cheap books, if you want them, off you pop.

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TGIF #3 | See You In A Porridge

Friday, December 29, 2017. TGIF #3 Last Friday of 2017, what? T - -

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Calling all book lovers! | See You In A Porridge

But those who love shopping also love a good coupon code, am I right? Get 15% off your first Hello Book Lover box - just use the code PORRIDGE15. Also, just FYI - they are currently doing a giveaway for their September box on instagram - check it out here! Basically what I am trying to say is if you like books. Hello Book Lover is for you.

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