Element Bars (2021) - Shark Tank Success

Miller and his dedicated team got the Element Bars website beefed up to handle the expected visitors as the Shark Tank Effect took a hold and sent thousands of visitors to the site. In the process of upgrading the site, it completely crashed 30 minutes before the Shark Tank Show was going to start. I can only imagine the anxiety felt as each ticking moment was getting closer to the very

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Vestpakz (2021) - Shark Tank Success

The Vestpakz Vest is one of the most interesting products ever seen on the Shark Tank on a number of levels. First off, the Vest Pack/ Backpack is not a brand new product but was invented by an 11-year old girl by the name of Christen Bell during a science project back in 1998.

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Giftcard Rescue Update (2021) - Shark Tank Success

Kuadey was born in Ghana and moved to the United States to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, was struggling to get his new gift card exchange business off the ground when he decided to try out for this new Reality TV Show.

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Plated Food Delivery - Shark Tank Success (2020)

Use coupon code 20PLATED for $20 off your order. Unknown August 24, 2014. Awesome concept. These two guys are clearly very intelligent. They didn't handle some obvious objections well. You are pitching to five people that don't cook for themselves or really care how much their food costs. These five aren't their customers…at all.

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Budsies Stuffed Animals (2021) - Shark Tank Success

The initial idea grew from seeing picture’s and drawings of his little sisters and thought it would be a great idea bringing her creations to life in the form of stuffed animals. That was in 2013 and over 8000 Custom Budsies later, Alex is working his you know what off keeping up with demand.

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