Barcode Types: UPC, EAN, ISBN, SCC, QR Code, Code-128, Code-39

Common Barcode Types: UPC Code (also known as UPC-a or GTIN-12)For all US/Canada retail items (except special cases listed below) Read More EAN Code (also known as EAN-13 or GTIN-13)For retail items to be sold worldwide (except US/Canada).

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Buy Coupon Barcodes: Databar Barcodes for Coupons

The coupon barcode shown here on the right, referred to as a GS1 Databar, represents an upgrade to coupon code technology. This is the most common barcode used in today’s coupons. The GS1 Databar encodes a lot of information in a small space and represents the part of the coupon barcode where we can encode the most details of your promotion.

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Buy Barcode Graphics for Coupons - |||i|Simply Barcodes|i

Optional Information: Expiration Date: (Format Must Be YYMMDD) Can The Coupon Be Doubled? Yes No : Combinations, If Any: (I.E Buy Product A And Get $1.00 Off Product B)

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Buy Official UPC Codes | Purchase UPC Barcodes Online

Buy 100% Unique & Authentic UPC Barcodes Online. Easy Online Order Process. We Only Require Your Contact and Billing Info, Product Details Not Needed.

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UPC Codes & Barcoding for First Time Barcode Buyers

How do UPC codes work? In short, the UPC is a 12-digit unique code for your product represented by scannable bars. Universal Product Codes (also known as GTIN-12) appear as lines (bars) of varying widths representing the series of numbers commonly shown below the bars. Barcode scanners read the bars and convert them back to the 12-digit UPC number that they represent.

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Amazon Barcodes - UPC, EAN & ISBN Barcodes for Amazon

Retail barcodes for Amazon are no different from those used on other products. For those of you who need only UPC numbers for selling your product on Amazon but do not need the digital UPC barcode images, we offer a special 15% OFF on your UPC Numbers. Click here to go to the online order form & get 15% OFF by using the promo code NUMBERSONLY.

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UPC Codes for Produce - Databar Barcodes for Fruits

Single units of fruits and vegetables need barcodes that are encoded using the Databar (RSS) symbology. This type of barcode is used because it can encode the 12-digit UPC number for the single onion in a very small space. This is done in order to conserve room on the, often, very small label used for barcoding single units of produce.

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