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Important notice: If you have installed Java 7 Update 51 or later and run into problems with security settings, please look here for a solution. These instructions have recently changed. Again. Please change your Java security settings. Again. Sorry. but these things are out of …

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SpecTools Readme - SourceForge

(53 years ago) This novel only-two-parameter procedure vastly improves on the RCF’s deficiency to overestimate the baseline level in spectra with broad peak features. The peak analysis routine developed here is an only-two-parameter (amplitude and position) fitting algorithm, which relies on numerical line shape profiles rather than analytical functions ...

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Download Free Church Management Software - ACTS.

(53 years ago) The computer must have Java. Decompress the download file Press acts.exe to start the program. First time login, the login ID to login to the system administrator is admin, password is also admin. Change the system administrator password: System> Change Password. Config the system settings: System > Settings.

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[JaBSI - Main]

(53 years ago) From software point of view, JaBSI is pure-java implementation and integrates together several Open Source components. Most important components are agent-platform, secure communications, ebXML registry and repository layer. JADE is the platform that is the base for agents. In addition to JADE itself, several JADE and community add-ons are used ...

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WaveShop - Download

(53 years ago) Download WaveShop Application: WaveShop for 32-bit Windows; WaveShop for 64-bit Windows; WaveShop source code. 64-bit Windows users are strongly encouraged to install the 64-bit version of WaveShop, because it can load bigger files and/or more files …

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PyML - machine learning in Python — PyML v0.7.3 documentation

(53 years ago) PyML - machine learning in Python¶. PyML is an interactive object oriented framework for machine learning written in Python. PyML focuses on SVMs and other kernel methods.

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Kernel Systemcall Tracer for Linux

(53 years ago) kstrax (Kernel Systemcall Tracer for Linux) is the tool which records systemcall information in the kernel space. kstrax also analyzes and displays the information in the user space. It can trace all systemcalls executed on the system without any change of the kernel source code. kstrax supports IA-32 and IA-64 architecture.

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PreviSat 5.0: Features - SourceForge

(53 years ago) Main features. PreviSat has a real-time, a manual and a simulation mode. So you can observe the displacements of the satellites in real time, or you can display positions for any times. In the "Main" tab, the numerical position is given in different frames (terrestrial, horizontal, equatorial) and some characteristics are given depending on the ...

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opencsv – Project Information - SourceForge

(53 years ago) Sep 04, 2022 · This document lists the project's dependencies and provides information on each dependency. This document describes how to include this project as a dependency using various dependency management tools. This document lists the dependencies that are defined through dependencyManagement. This document provides informations on the distribution ...

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