Frontier Communications Warns It May Declare Bankruptcy In

After years of customer losses and a stifling debt of $17.5 billion, Frontier Communications was warned investors it may be forced to declare bankruptcy reorganization to protect its assets from creditors that are growing impatient with the phone company. Analysts suggest Frontier is considering a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing as early as the first quarter […]

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How to Get a Better Deal from Charter/Spectrum in 2017

How to Get a Better Deal from Charter/Spectrum in 2017. Phillip Dampier May 24, 2017 Charter Spectrum, Competition, Consumer News, I’ll be coming off my TWC triple play promotion in June – and am in an area that was upgraded to 300 Mbps Maxx just before Spectrum took over.

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AT&T Gets Stingy With DirecTV Promotions for Existing

DirecTV under AT&T’s ownership is turning out to be no bargain for customers finding it increasingly tough getting a promotional rate package with the satellite provider. Fred Johnson has been a DirecTV customer in rural Iowa for almost six years and has had to call DirecTV every time his on-contract promotion nears an end. Off-contract […]

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Charter/Spectrum Sweetens Deal for New - Stop the Cap!

Even as millions of Spectrum subscribers began paying higher rates for programming and equipment this month, Charter Communications has sweetened the deal for its new customers by offering free DVR service with their triple play bundle of TV Select, internet, and voice service for $89.97/mo during the first year. The cable company will also reimburse […]

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Grab 3 Years of Disney+ for $140.97 With This Limited Time

Planning on signing up for Disney+ when it launches on November 12th? Here is a special offer to score three years of the streaming service for $140.97 (plus tax, where applicable), a 33% discount off the usual annual price. You need to act on this today, however, because the deal expires September 2, 2019. Step […]

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Cable Operators Told to Get Ready for a Gigabit, But Will

Cable Operators Told to Get Ready for a Gigabit, But Will Rationed Usage Make It Meaningless? Phillip It would be like charging for a bag of sand in the Sahara Desert or handing a ration book to shoreline residents with coupons allowing them one glass of water each from Lake Ontario. a Rochester-based technology writer who is

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promotion Archives · Page 19 of 39 · Stop the Cap!

Cablevision is fed up with disloyal customers bouncing between the cable company and other providers when promotional discounts expire. After losing 13,000 broadband, 18,000 voice, and 37,000 television customers, Cablevision CEO Jim Dolan said the company has stopped offering any further discounts to customers that received them once before.

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Disney+ Archives · Stop the Cap!

Acceptance of this promotional offer, or use of the promotional offer code, constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions. This promotional offer of $46.99 per year, if accepted, entitles the bearer to a one-time discount of $69.00 off the regular price of a three-year subscription to Disney+ ($209.97).

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Bad Deal: AT&T Contemplating iPhone Handset Insurance for

Accidental damage claims have a $50 deductible. But Squaretrade can cost even less when you take advantage of regular discount codes that provide up to 40 percent off. Just do a Google search for Squaretrade coupons and discount codes, especially around holidays.

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AT&T, Verizon Profit From Illegitimate Cramming Charges on

AT&T and Verizon are among the top recipients of ill-gotten gains from so-called “cramming” incidents — customers who find unauthorized charges on their phone bill placed there by third party companies that maintain a cozy billing relationship with the two phone companies. Boston-area resident Mike Cunningham paid $567 in phone charges billed “conveniently” to his […]

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Canada Moves to Digital TV: Canadian Pay TV Providers Move

Two years after Americans dumped analog television in favor of digital over the air broadcasting, in just over two weeks many Canadians will discover their favorite free-TV signals gone from the analog airwaves forever. Canada’s transition to digital TV will take a substantial step forward on Aug. 31st when many Canadian local television stations cease […]

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