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How I Can Get Tachyon Into My Own Items In My Own Home.

Once the Tachyon Energy Portal starts, it will effectively and permanently Tachyonize all the items placed inside of your packet. Due to Time Zone differences and overlapping email message delays we ALWAYS suggest waiting to open your packet when the Tachyon Energy Portal has completed its process.The completion time will be sent to you in an email.

Actived: Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

URL: https://www.tachyonize.com/how-to-tachyonize.html

What items take tachyonization best? Glass, metals

Your body will adjust to items that are newly Tachyonized, however with highly sensitive people, you may feel the need to wear your Tachyonized items for a short while, then take them off, then wear them againso as to let your body assimilate to the Tachyon fields as you will soon adjust.

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Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Tachyon

Tachyon products can, on occasion, increase the body’s detoxification process and could lead to some mild side effects if detoxing quickly. Some find if they use a Tachyonized item around the head area while sleeping, it could potentially cause difficulty in getting restful sleep since it is an invigorating energy.

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