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UPLIFT Desk Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

Need help troubleshooting your UPLIFT desk or accessory? We have videos and live support to help you.

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Shop Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Keyboards - GTN-0099

The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard's Smart Fit Adjustability design enhances keyboard use for customizable adjustment. awesome price and they gave me a coupon code that knocked off a few dollars,.. throw in the live chat, (and yes.. you are chatting with REAL humans, that know their and product and USE their products.. (Lori

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Holiday Savings from UPLIFT! - Human Solution

For full desk orders over $700, use coupon code HOLIDAY50 for $50 off. If you'd like to purchase just a height adjustable base and use your own top, HOLIDAY25 will get you $25 off. And for any accessories purchased without a desk, you can get 15% off the order total with HOLIDAY15.

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On Sale | Human Solution

We offer the very best prices everyday, but who doesn't love a bargain? Check out current sales, as well as our open box and clearance items below, for even deeper discounts on some of our most popular ergonomic chairs and workstation accessories. Check back often for new sales and clearance items, or visit our Coupons and Discounts page to find more savings!

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Ergonomic Tips: Get Off the Dining Room Table, Jimmy

To improve health and potentially fight off an early death, you should be spending at least 30 minutes of those two hours standing, and a height-adjustable desk will help get your laptop up with you. Also, since you will be typing on top of the table instead of with a keyboard tray, having the ability to get your desk as low as 23 inches will

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Winter Savings - Human Solution

Save Now on Sit-Stand Desks. $75 Off Eco Rectangular Stand Up Desk & Bamboo Space Saver Standing Desk. Purchase a full desk and enjoy $75 off our Eco Rectangular and Bamboo Space Saver Desks. Start off your new year and enjoy the benefits of a height adjustable desk with the safest, smartest, most reliable desk on the market from UPLIFT Desk.

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Taking the Fright Out of Freight: Shipping Options for

Taking the Fright Out of Freight: Shipping Options for Your UPLIFT Desk; Taking the Fright Out of Freight: Shipping Options for Your UPLIFT Desk. Once the pallet is off the truck, it’s up to you (and your helpful friends or co-workers) to carry the boxes inside. The pallet itself will stay behind with your order, and you are welcome to

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Most Popular Stand Up Desks - The Human Solution

Below is a selection of the most popular stand up desks offered by Human Solution. The most popular of these is our UPLIFT Desk, the #1 stand up desk solution. These high quality, ergonomist approved desks allow users to easily switch between sitting and standing throughout the workday - promoting a healthier lifestyle and increasing productivity.

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Freight Shipping 101 | Human Solution

The driver will make every attempt to be on time, but life happens and sometimes delays do, too. If shipping to a residential address, the driver will drop your pallet off either on the street or in your driveway if they are able to reach it safely. They will attempt to deliver it as closely to your office or house as possible.

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Take The Weight Of The World Off Your Shoulders With These

Take The Weight Of The World Off Your Shoulders With These Ergonomic Tips Posted by Human Solution on Sep 11th 2013 I get a lot of questions from customers that are looking for a chair that will help alleviate upper back, shoulder and arm pain.

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