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As a nerd for life, former law student, and now young professional, I am VERY picky about my writing utensils. I am a huge pen snob, and I am super particular about what pens I use and what pens I prefer.

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The Best Planner for Law School + Free Promo Code! - The

The Best Planner for Law School + Free Promo Code! of my blog stating you want the Plum Paper referral code and I will send you an email with the referral code for $10 off. you might just be 10 coupon code website. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Philip T. Greene March 17, 2018 at 4:25 AM.

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The Simple Ways I Save Money - The Legal Duchess

You can also clip coupons right in the app and save even more money. So simple and can save you so much money over time just by scrolling this app before shopping. There are other app's that can help you save coupons depending on where you shop.

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5 Random Skills I am Glad to Have in my Twenties - The

5 Random Skills I am Glad to Have in my Twenties When a button falls off, I just sew it back on instead of buying a new one. I always look for and use coupons, I take a little extra time and shop at several grocery stores to get the best deals and I meal plan to make the most of what we have while not losing diet quality. Beyond

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June 2015 - The Legal Duchess

Every part of the city was affected: even the Tube became bomb shelters and thousands literally lived there throughout the war due to the bombing and housing shortages. Even the royals were affected: Princess Elizabeth had to use clothing coupons to purchase her wedding dress. The strength of the Londoners was shown throughout these years.

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