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Actived: Thursday Nov 28, 2019

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I love Coupon Cabin! Since I complete 99% of my shopping online, I can find great % off coupons, free shipping, etc., for most retailers I frequent. I most love the cashback rewards Coupon Cabin affords me. Just yesterday I earned $18.00+ with 2 purchases! I never shop for anything without first checking Coupon Cabin's available offers.

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RetailMeNot Reviews - Trustpilot

Retailmenot offers coupons for "free shipping on orders $49+" and "free shipping on orders over $99" from Newark Electronics. But there are NO SUCH OFFERS, according to Newark, and said that there is NO price category of offer that includes free shipping. They also offer 20% off coupons for Newark, and the company says those are bogus as well.

Category:  Free Shipping Get Code Reviews - Trustpilot

So, despite what CouponCabin's T&C state, if you want to file an arbitration claim, it should not matter where you live. The filing fee is $250, however if you win CouponCabin will have to pay it. Additionally, CouponCabin has to pay several thousand dollars in fees to the arbitration company to have JAMS process the claim and arbitrate it.

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MY M&M'S Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of mymms

I love the custom M&M's but. There are lots of color choices as well as design choices, graphics, etc. What prevents me from giving it a 5 are the shipping and handling costs as well as not being allowed to use more than one coupon code off. I would be great if we could use a % off coupon code plus a free or reduced shipping price.

Category:  coupon Get Code

Slickdeals Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www

Slickdeals more like sickodeals. You can't post anything on there without so idiot having a go at you this could be a joke at the expense of an online service like games with gold which was my case and you get insulted and all they will do is use autism as an insult the site is full of trolls and the moderators don't even do their job - there is noting but the truth in this review and nothing

Category:  coupon Get Code Reviews - Trustpilot

We have had occasional reports of some residue from the packing being on the bed sometimes after transit, and it does as you noted wipe off, easily. (Rust does not wipe off). We are really sorry to hear that you needed to clean your bed upon receipt and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Nordfrim Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

While I have been delighted with my orders (in terms of their content and price and promptness of being mailed!), your response to an e-mailed inquiry was a full week AFTER I had sent it! (???) Whether of not this is typical or some sort of "one off," I of course have no way of knowing but in addition the content was not really all that

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Couponokay Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

THEN I attempted multiple times to use a different offer of a 12% Off coupon code JRNL#90463/24 and kept getting a NOT VALID response. So my rating of is 0, non-favorable, and useless and time wasting! I ended up paying 13.49 to have the order shipped locally. How frustrating trying to redeem an offer through

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Partsips Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Partsips Reviews 55 • Poor . Visit this website Write a review. Write a review Write a review Reviews 55 Write a review rip off! on 7-31- 19 I made a purchase.of $35 for a ge part. I tried email and calling no response! avoid this place like the plague! Useful. Share.

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JAPCozy Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

I wrote a long review, and then had bad luck. This company is terrible at customer service. Ripped me right off and took 90 dollars for a king size quilt that NEVER EVEN MADE IT TO MY HOUSE. it got shipped to the wrong address and 7 weeks later I still have not spoke to a real person to resolve this issue. A bunch of cons and thieves.

Category:  coupon Get Code

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