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Why Is It So Slow? (Is It Just Me?) | Uber Drivers Forum

It's slow. 30min no rides. For once the graph is right. Starting to miss uber though I don't think Uber is any busier

Actived: Tuesday Mar 31, 2020

URL: https://uberpeople.net/threads/why-is-it-so-slow-is-it-just-me.304343/

JIFFY LUBE is not taking the Uber 15% off coupon

I feel like the coupon printed from Uber website looks really weird.. There's no coupon code or anything, just your profile pic and 15% off. The nice lady at Jiffy Lube said I'm the second person here ask for the discount. She called her district manager asked about it and the answer is no

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Sears 50% off oil changes | Uber Drivers Forum

Has anyone used this benefit before? I tried to get an oil change today at Sears with the benefit and also made an reservation in advance. I get to the Sears auto center and I ask about the Uber discount and how it worked. He confirmed it takes 50% off the price. He advises in my shop your away

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All the Promo Codes of the month | Page 4 | Uber Drivers Forum

if you are USA user you can check free ride section in uber app, to check referral value, and if you are getting 5$ off, don't worry i will help you out to make it 10. Contact me on Skype- bohemian11819 or telegram- @avi326

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Rodeo & BBQ cook-off | Uber Drivers Forum

Does any Uber driver have any real tips for this coming BBQ cook-off? Or Rodeo? Please re-frame from the typical quit uber responses. Actual driver trying make the best out of this part time job. Thank you

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AutoZone 10% off for Uber | Uber Drivers Forum

Hi All, I have not drive this year so I can't get 10% off code for AutoZone , can someone get me the code under Car maintenance savings -click in rating. - Driving rewards -car maintenance savings Then you will see the code under AutoZone . I used last year but I forgot the code number . Thanks

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Uber new car discount without uber financing

Far as I know there's no coupon. You identify which car you want from among those elgible, go in to the dealer and make your deal, and THEN identify yourself as an Uber driver to have them know the extra money off the price.

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$20 off tax prep at H&R Block | Uber Drivers Forum

Here's some good news. My wife is an office manager at H&R Block and she got an email that Uber drivers get $20 off tax prep. She says check with Uber to get the coupon.

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Tolls, EZ pass, and neighborhood discounts | Uber Drivers

Hello all, I am a new Uber/lyft driver, and I have a question about toll charges. If you have a neighborhood toll discount (for me, East Boston) on your EZ pass, does Uber still charge the passenger for the full toll total? If they do, I should be encouraged to drive through these discounted

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Discounts in Des Moines | Uber Drivers Forum

I find it interesting that Uber wants drivers to buy business cards with a code for a $20 discount. But if a new rider wants to google a discount it is a $30 credit. Uber should make this equitable. And Match the discount for both. What do you think?

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All the Promo Codes of the month | Uber Drivers Forum

Would you believe it? The obession of collecting promo codes for Uber, Grab and Comfort is now a new hobby for riders! Machiam like aunties collecting discount coupons for Fairprice supermarket shopping. This is all the promo codes for the month of January huat ah, drivers! :eek:

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