How To Fix Printer In Error State On Windows 10 [Solutions]

Step (2): On Device Manager window, click on the View menu and then select “Show hidden devices” option from the drop-down menu. Step (3): Now expand the Ports (COM & LPT) category and right click on the Printer Port then select Properties option. Step (4): On the Printer Port (LPT1) Properties dialog box, go to the Port Settings tab and then select “Use any interrupt assigned to the

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How to Hide Your IP Address and Access Blocked Websites

To Get 10% off on Hide My IP VPN tool, enter the coupon code “zerodollartips” on the billing information page while purchasing. Or alternatively, you can use the coupon code directly by going through below link: Get special discount (10% off) on Hide My IP. Conclusion

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How to Fix Windows 10 Losing Internet Connection

Factually, Windows 10 losing internet connection is a very common issue which is faced by a lot of Windows computer users and it doesn’t matter which version of Windows 10 you are using. Even, I have also faced the WiFi connected but no internet connection on laptop issue after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 operating system.

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How to Get a Los Angeles IP Address with a VPN

Keep in mind, IP address is a unique identifier on the internet so you can also think of it as a digital fingerprint. Ever heard of IP cloaking? Well, it is a process through which you change your details using a VPN provider. Take the following steps to change your IP address to Los Angeles with a VPN:

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How to Enable Copy and Paste in Command Prompt on Windows 10

We hope you found this tutorial useful for you, feel free to share your view with us using the comment section below. We will try to come up with more innovative and helpful Windows 10 command prompt tutorials. Also let us know, if you have any other best way to enable copy and paste in Windows 10 Command Prompt on Windows 10 computers.

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Top 20 Google Keyword Planner Alternatives for Keyword

If you are also one of all those peoples who was using Google keyword planner tool for keyword analysis from a very long time but they are really pissed off right now with the big change to Google AdWords keyword planner (This page shows ranges for search volumes.

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Best Websites to Get Free Stuff Online Without Paying

This guide will help you in save your money online and will also allow you to try various new products. In today’s online shopping guide, I am going to share the list of top 20 best websites to get free stuff online without paying anything.

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